Apr 08, 2009 03:31 PM EST

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Iron Man 2
Recently, Robert Downey Jr. had an interview with ET Online, and discussed some of the story from his upcoming "Iron Man" sequel.

"The film is almost entirely about character, and yet we still have twice as much action as we did last time, so it's going to be nuts. Essentially Iron Man 2 is about looking behind the armor, or the armature, of a superhero. It's one thing to say you're Iron Man, it's another thing to be fully ready to do that" says Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. also stated on Splash Page that the 'Demon in a Bottle' storyline won't be included in this sequel. "I think [Demon in a Bottle is] probably best saved, because it's such its own storyline. We're going for the interim space [between the origin and Demon], which is more a look behind the mask of someone who says he's Iron Man and what it really is to become a superhero."
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