Dec 18, 2006 12:45 PM EST

Fantasy Film Legend of The Red Reaper Dec 18th, 2006 Update

Fantasy Film Legend of The Red Reaper Dec 18th, 2006 Update
Legend of the Red Reaper, staring Tara Cardinal (Delivery, Genius) and Christian Boeving (Kingdom of Heaven, Batman and Robin, Alias, Daredevil) is pleased to announce Calvin Simmons, martial artist, sword fighter, fight choreographer. Cal's work can be seen in several episodes of InZer0, Cyberhunt, Lighting, Iron, and Mantis, and Transformers the Movie. Cal's extensive stage experience includes Shakespeare credits, as well as Renaissance Festivals. Cal has spent the last 23 years studying Shaolin kenpo, JKD, fencing, Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun. Cal's unique ability to blend theatre, film, martial arts and swords will be an invaluable asset to the Red Reaper production. Keep an eye out for Cal both as a stunt performer and fight choreographer.

Legend of the Red Reaper is still accepting applications for qualified investors. For an investors packet please send an inquiry letter to
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