Jan 26, 2007 02:38 PM EST

Batman 2, The Dark Night, Casting Update

Batman 2, The Dark Night, Casting Update
Some interesting casting news has surfaced for the Batman sequel "Dark Knight". Sources have release some character/actors that will not be appearing in this installment.
Katie Holmes will not be returning to reprise her role of Rachel Dawes. No word on whether or not she has turned down the part or if this was a casting call. Her character, however, will return and there is currently a search going on for who will be Holmes' replacement.

The Penguin will also be absent from this film. There had been talk of bringing in the character, as a European arms dealer, but he is not mentioned in the shooting draft of the script.

Harvey Dent, better known as Two Face, will be in the film, but no word on casting for that role as of yet. 

Some actors that are reportedly interested in roles are Ed Norton and Jamie Foxx.

Shooting will begin in March.

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