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Another 80s Film Remake In The Works

Another 80s Film Remake In The Works
According to Variety, Sony and Fox will be releasing a remake of "Heathers". The 1989 classic dark teen dramedy will be brought back to life by Mark Rizzo and Jenny Bicks, of "Sex and the City" fame. 
"Heathers" featured a girl named Veronica who was involved in a clique of girls, all named Heather. Veronica eventually meets a new boy at school, named J.D., who turns Veronica on to the darker side of life. She eventually strays from her Heathers clique and becomes more and more involved with J.D. They decide to rid their school of those who think they are better than others by killing them and making the deaths look like suicides. 
The film will be a made for TV movie, as opposed to a theatre release. Gary Lucchesi, who works for the company Lakeshore, who is developing the project, said," We had the title, and talked about doing a film remake at times. But doing it for TV seemed like a fresh and original idea."
The original film starred Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty.
Source: Variety
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