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Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Unleases Ultimate Force of Four Blu-ray Box Set

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Unleases Ultimate Force of Four Blu-ray Box Set
Prepare for the ultimate in hard-hitting action and excitement as four Kung-Fu classics high-kick their way onto Blu-ray High Definition as part of the The Ultimate Force of Four Box Set, arriving in stores September 15, 2009, from Miramax Home Entertainment. This must
own box set includes stunning new Blu-ray transfers of the martial arts masterpieces Hero, Iron Monkey, The Legend of Drunken Master and Zatoichi. Experience each film's dazzling fight sequences and death-defying stunts with truly immersive high definition picture and sound that'll put you smack in the middle of the action. Each Kung-Fu classic also steps up on Blu-ray with slick fighting moves, including revealing bonus features that will take fans behind its production.

Acclaimed Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino presents Hero, starring martial arts legend Jet Li (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The Forbidden Kingdom) in the movie Time magazine called "a masterpiece." Relive the excitement of this ingeniously choreographed martial arts epic like never before as Hero rises on Blu-ray High Definition. Featuring crystal-clear picture and 5.1 uncompressed sound, Hero truly soars in all its fists-a-flying high definition glory! The Blu-ray edition features Heroically cool bonus material, including: the all new featurette "Close-Up of a Fight Scene"; "Inside the Action: A Conversation with Quentin Tarantino and Jet Li," in which the acclaimed film director and Kung- Fu cinema enthusiast Quentin Tarantino and star Jet Li discuss the film; "Hero Defined," a behind-thescenes look at the production featuring cast and crew interviews; Storyboard comparisons based on some of the film's most memorable sequences; and a Soundtrack spot.
Please note, Miramax Home Entertainment will also be releasing a Special Edition DVD of Hero on September 15 to coincide with the Blu-ray release.

Hero tells the unforgettable story of a fearless warrior who embarks on a dangerous mission of revenge against the fearsome army that massacred his people. Directed by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Yimou Zhang (Curse of the Golden Flower, House of Flying Daggers), it features superb performances from Maggie Cheung (Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Inglourious Basterds), Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Lust, Caution) and Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). Hailed by critics as a masterpiece of the Kung-Fu genre, Hero was nominated for an Oscar® and Golden Globe® Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Rediscover the high-flying Kung-Fu thrills of Iron Monkey, now in glorious Blu-ray! The all new high definition version of the exhilarating action adventure features explosively vivid picture and sound, plus exciting interviews with avowed Kung-Fu cinema fan Quentin Tarantino, who discusses the genre's influence on his career, and action star Donnie Yen (Blade II, Hero), who reveals the secrets of working with legendary fight choreographer Woo-ping Yuen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

In a desperate and unjust land, where government corruption rules the day, one man had the courage to challenge the system and fight back…his name was Iron Monkey. Presented by Quentin Tarantino, Iron Monkey was directed by famed action choreographer Woo-ping Yuen, who helped create the now legendary action sequences of The Matrix to Kill Bill. Featuring the perfect mix of action, humor and heart, Iron Monkey is a Kung-Fu classic that will dazzle anew on Blu-ray!

Action legend Jackie Chan (Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour) soars to new Kung-Fu cinema heights in The Legend of Drunken Master. Now, relive the legend of this inventive and zany action film in an exciting new way on Blu-ray Hi Def. The Blu-ray edition includes the bonus feature "Behind the Master: An interview with Jackie Chan," in which the star discusses the making of this hilarious and thrilling Kung-Fu classic.

The Legend of Drunken Master is a thrilling action adventure about a man who uses a uniquely
outlandish style of martial arts - Drunken Boxing - to retrieve stolen Chinese artifacts from the British government. It was directed by Chia-Liang Liu, who won the Hong Kong film award for Best Action Choreography for his work on the film, and costars Hong Kong cinema greats Ti Lung (A Better Tomorrow) as Jackie's father and Anita Mui (Rumble in the Bronx) as his fun-loving mother. Critics and fans agree, The Legend of Drunken Master is one of martial arts legend Jackie Chan's greatest films - now even greater on Blu-ray!

The highly stylized Kung-Fu classic Zatoichi shines with pristine picture and theater-quality sound on Blu-ray Disc. Directed by Takeshi Kitano (winner of Venice Film Festival's 2003 Special Director's Award), Zatoichi is the film the Chicago Tribune called "a masterpiece of wry violence and stylish mayhem." Now, experience this wildly entertaining tale of revenge on Blu-ray, packed with thrilling bonus features, including a behind-the-scenes special and video interviews with cast and crew.

In an empire ruled by fear, the people's only hope is the ultimate weapon: Zatoichi a blind, nomadic samurai whose sword has made him a hero and whose courage has made him a legend. Zatoichi was written and directed by Japanese cinema legend Takeshi Kitano (Battle Royale), who also stars as Japanese folk hero Zatoichi. Praised by critics, Zatoichi won the coveted People's Choice Award at the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival and four awards (including the Audience Award) at the 2003 Venice Film Festival.

The Ultimate Force of Four Box Set: Hero, Iron Monkey, The Legend of Drunken Master and
Zatoichi will be released on September 15, 2009, priced at an SRP of $109.99. Individual Blu-ray editions of these films will also be sold separately. The individual Blu-ray Edition of Hero includes a bonus Digital Copy and is priced at an SRP of $44.99 (Please note: the Box Set version of Hero does not include a Digital Copy). Hero will also be available on a Special Edition DVD at an SRP of $19.99.

Individual Blu-ray editions of Iron Monkey, The Legend of Drunken Master and Zatoichi will also be available, each priced at an SRP of $39.99. To experience Kung-Fu like never seen before with picture perfect quality and sound, buy one or buy them all this fall!

Purchase your copy today at today for the discounted price of $73.99.
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