Mar 30, 2007 10:35 AM EST

Florida Independent Films Struggle

Florida Independent Films Struggle

Florida's Independent film market has been struggling for months, and this month is no exception - but the reasons why may suprise you.

Florida film production has been the subject of much speculation and debate over the recent months, but Florida Indie film makers have ALWAYS stuck together - until now.

As of March 30th, 2007 Matt Dean's Legend of the Red Reaper had its fair share of struggles. Details are still coming in however it appears that the production entered into contract with Blow Up My Box Productions, Inc of Orlando, Florida to provide production services, including 1st and 2nd Assistant Director, stunt rigging, catering and EMT services. Amy Tomberlin, President of Blow up my Box, Inc, advised that her company has vast experience and is more than capable of handling the work load. Then they asked for $20,000 up front.

After two days of shooting, Amy Tomberlin and Vice President Gina M Garcia pulled out of the production, taking the balance of $20,000 and the crew with them.

Undaunted, director/producer Matt Dean pulled extra funding and the cast together and shot another 10 days in St. Augustine and New Symerna. The footage is beautiful, and the cast and crew have banded together like family. Where some productions would falter, this one is even stronger for the struggle.

Matt Dean, vetern producer/director of 17 years is working with a number of investors to pull in the remaining capitol to make up for the losses incurred by a company unable to fulfill their obligations. With a new trailer up on Youtube and Myspace, the buzz about Legend of the Red Reaper is growing by the hour.

As of this printing, neither Gina Garcia nor Amy E Tomberlin (the owners of Blow Up My Box Productions) were able to be reached for comment.

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