Feb 24, 2010 07:51 PM EST

Mr. White Will Not Be Returning To Next Bond Film

Jesper Christensen, Mr. White in the James Bond films "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace"says that he won't be returning to the franchise.

While Christensen was being interviewed about his upcoming film, "A Family", he caused a bit of controversy stating that the Bond films were "really shit. All the people die in them, so two movies are enough for me". He later stated that those comments were jokes that were taken completely out of context. He rebutted by saying, "Come on, if the Bond films were that bad, I would not have made them... I have great respect for the people who make Bond films. They have managed to create their very own meta-universe, almost a genre in itself and a series of 23 films now. It is unique."

Christensen says he is quite proud of his work in the Bond films. He says that "Casino Royale" is a "super movie, which I am proud to be involved in. I think my character was becoming a really fun one and would have continued if it had been timely."

The actor plans on making smaller, more indie type films in the future. "That I think that movies like ["A Family"] is much more interesting to watch and more in line with why I became an actor is all together a different matter", said Christensen.

"A Family" will be released in Denmark on October 28 of this year. 

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