May 26, 2010 09:29 PM EST

Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption Short Film To Air on Fox This Week

Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption Short Film To Air on Fox This Week
On May 29th, Fox will begin airing a short film based on the video game, "Red Dead Redemption". the 30 minute film will feature John Marston as he tracks down Bill Williamson, an outlaw and friend. He will come across many of the characters featured in the video game during his journey.

The film was created and directed by John Hillcoat. 

Red Dead Redemption is a third-person action-adventure game set a fictional open-world American Wild West environment for players to explore. Gameplay area types include frontier towns, rolling prairies teaming with wildlife, and perilous mountain passes - each packed with an endless flow of varied distractions. Along the way, players will experience the heat of gunfights and battles, meet a host of unique characters, struggle against the elements and animals of one of the world's last remaining wildernesses, and ultimately pick their own precarious path through an epic story about the death of the Wild West and the gunslingers that inhabited it. In their travels throughout the territories of the gameworld players partake in a morality system built on honor and fame, where they gain or lose points in each area based on their actions. The game features an easy to use cover system, a variety of mounts and period specific weapons including a cattleman revolver, a mauser pistol, a repeater rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, a throwing knife, a lasso and more. Western themed mini-games are also available, including showdowns, gambling, hunting bounties, cattle herding and five finger fillet.

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