Jul 24, 2007 02:58 PM EST

Disney Getting Ready To Escape Again to Witch Mountain

Disney Getting Ready To Escape Again to Witch Mountain
Walt Disney Studios announced that Andy Fickman will be directing "Witch Mountain", a modernization of the 1975 Disney film, "Escape to Witch Mountain".

The original film was based on a science fiction novel by Alexander Key. It is about two siblings who have paranormal powers, who eventually have to run from a group of men trying to exploit their powers. The brother and sister turn out to be extraterrestrials.

In 1978, a sequel was released, "Return from Witch Mountain" and starred, among others, Bette Davis and Christopher Lee. A TV movie was released in 1982 titled. "Beyond Witch Mountain", and was shot to be a pilot for a series.

Matt Lopez wrote the script for the movie, and also wrote "Bedtime Stories", directed by Adam Shankman and starring Adam Sandler.

Disney's upcoming family comedy, The Game Plan" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, was also directed by Fickman and will be released on Sept. 28, 2007.
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