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Scream Queens Season 2 Brings Horror Reality To Television

Scream Queens Season 2 Brings Horror Reality To Television
While at Comic Con 2010, FlickDirect got a chance to talk to four of the contestants for Scream Queens, a Lionsgate reality TV show, where ten gorgeous ladies compete over an eight-week period to land a role in the upcoming, next-edition of the Saw horror franchise. The activities are arranged around acting contests, as well as working with things like gore, live maggots, and of course, each other.  On hand at Comic Con were Allison Kyler, Rosanna Pansino, Jessica Ortiz, and Sierra Holmes.

FlickDirect: "What was the most horrible thing you had to do on the show? Was it the maggots?"

Scream Queens: (Laugh) "It was being in the house for eight weeks. There is nothing at all to take your mind off the show -- no iPods, no phones, no books, no nothing. The house is entirely wired with hidden cameras.  They played find the hidden camera at one point, and we were always ‘miked-up' so everything you did or said was monitored. Living with each other was the hardest part."

FlickDirect: "Did you have to give testimonials or confessions?"

Scream Queens: "Yes! Every day, even if it was 3:00 AM, and we were exhausted. They would  tell us to go over what happened that day, and then we would vent or rant! We all agreed not to take anything each other said seriously; it was high stress. But we did do some venting at each other! We are all friends now though."

FlickDirect: "What was the casting-call like?"

Scream Queens: "Some of us had seen season one and really wanted to be on the show. There were a lot of call backs -- about eight or nine of them. It was pretty hard to get on the show."

FlickDirect: "What was it like being judged and/or being eliminated?"

Scream Queens: "The judges were very frank -- it was stressful. When you see it on TV, you think it looks easy; but when you are there, being critiqued, bluntly, it can be very, very hard. Sometimes you forget the camera is there and maybe break down a little -- then remember it is all on film. They sure didn't tip-toe around our feelings -- not at all."

"On the other hand, though, we feel like it made us stronger actors; because if you go through that and you don't come away from it feeling positive, then you missed the point. Although there were eliminations, in a sense, we were all winners: we were the best 10 for the show out of a whole lot of people, and just being on it is a great step up!"

Scream Queens: "It made me tougher. Definitely -- mentally tougher...and I needed that."

FlickDirect: "Leaving out the SAW movies, what were your favorite horror films?"

Rosanna Pansino: "Vampire movies - definitely! I really liked Interview With A Vampire, but all of them."

Allison Kyler: "I saw the Chucky movie at a young age...and fell in love with him. I thought  maybe if I was nice to the bad guy, he would spare me!"

Jessica Ortiz: "The Exorcist. Very scary!"

Sierra Holmes: "Paranormal Activity--it was really intense."

FlickDirect: "Can you tell us what is in it for people who may not like, horror or the SAW franchise?"

Scream Queens: "For the guys there are 10 beautiful women in lingerie; you will see a lot of skin. Of course, sometimes it is covered in fake blood [laughter]. For the girls? There is a lot of drama with all of us. We think it will hold their attention."

Scream Queens: "Sounds excellent! Thanks for the interview!"

Scream Queens 2 debuts Aug 2nd, 2010, at 10 pm EST, on VH1. For more information about the show, visit the official website at http://www.vh1.com/shows/scream_queens

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