Aug 24, 2010 04:14 PM EST

Paul Verhoeven to Adapt "The Hidden Force"

Paul Verhoeven, director of Total Recall" and "Showgirls", was recently interviewed by Dutch talk show, Zomergasten. In his interview he revealed his upcoming project, "The Hidden Force", which is an adaptation of the novel written in 1900.

The film is about a Dutch official named Van Oudyck, who lives in the time of when the Dutch Colonial Empire ruled the Dutch East Indies. The story takes place before the fall of the Empire, and chronicles Van Oudyck's attempts at imposing the Western way of life on the Javanese people.

Verhoeven commented about the story, saying it is about "rebellion against colonial rule, the emergence of fundamentalist Islam, the behavior between people, adultery and psychic powers."

The film was written by Verhoeven and Gerard Soeteman. It is said that the film will be shot in Dutch, not English.
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