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Disney's The Boys Delves Deep Into The Lives of The Sherman Brothers

Disney's The Boys Delves Deep Into The Lives of The Sherman Brothers
You have probably heard their music.  You probably can hum or sing one of their songs by heart.  Who are they?  Robert and Richard Sherman, better known as The Sherman Brothers.  The sons of Russian immigrants, their father were a songwriter, and they continued in his footsteps.  After a few minor hits, they were noticed by Walt Disney, who hired them to become the staff songwriters for his studios, and called them simply ‘The Boys'.  The rest, they say, is history.  And this documentary, is their story.
The documentary shines above others because it isn't just focused on their career with Disney, but rather their entire life.  You see their humble upbringing with the culture of music around them.  The interviews with the brothers themselves, along with those who worked with them directly make you feel like you know them yourself.    You take pride in their accomplishments and you feel their grief.  Additionally it's nice that the filmmakers were able to interview Bruce Gordon before he passed away.
The Boys hit it big with Mary Poppins, winning two Academy Awards.  One of those songs was "Feed the Birds", which was Walt Disney's favorite song.  Whenever he needed a lift, he would call them into his office, and simply say "Play it" and they knew what he meant.  And you could sense the emotion in their voices remembering "Uncle" Walt while they were recollecting their stories.  Another thing you will notice, especially if you watch some of the pictures carefully is that the best people in Disney seemed to work in sometimes diametrically opposed pairs.  Walt had his brother Roy to keep his spending in check, Michael Eisner had Frank Wells, and the boys, well, had each other.  You'll learn how different each of them are, and how that eventually caused them to split.
The DVD is chock full of extras, and you should spend the time to watch every single one of them - one of the best is their song "jukebox" which goes down of list of some of their major songs, and interviews/footage related to each one.  This DVD should be on the shelf of anyone who likes their music - really.

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