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FlickDirect's Chris Rebholz's Top 10 Movies of 2010

FlickDirect's Chris Rebholz's Top 10 Movies of 2010
Another year draws to a close and as always we look back on the years events with a sense of nostalgia. As we do this we often bring the up the fun past time of top ten lists, and of course movies are no exception, so without further ado here are the top ten movies of 2010:

10: Tangled
Why: Tangled is a fun movie takes the classic Disney story of a princess imprisoned in some way for whatever reason and it is up to the charming prince to rescue her and twists it for the modern audience. What you get is a fun and charming story about two people who end up on an adventure together and on the way end up developing feelings for each other. It's a charming tale that the whole family can enjoy, the only reason it starts out our countdown is that it is a fairly typical story for Disney to do.

9: Let Me In
Why: What Let Me In did for the horror genre was add a new element to a standard legend, the vampire. What could just be a straight up slasher/gore movie becomes a film about the crushing weight of addiction and co-dependent relationships.

8: Iron Man 2
Why:  The first Iron Man movie was a surprise hit and went on to spawn a sequel. Naturally with any sequel there is the need to not only expand on the original story but "go bigger" in the overall presentation of the movie. Iron Man 2 was a lot of fun and while at times slower paced than the first, still an enjoyable film that once again leaves you anxiously awaiting the next one.

7: How To Train Your Dragon
Why: What kid hasn't dreamed of having a pet dragon? This movie brings that fantasy to life like animation only can and along the way spins an fun tale about expierencing new cultures and its people.

6: Toy Story 3
Why: The Toy Story trilogy goes all the way back to 1996 with the first film about a boy and his favorite toy cowboy. By the series end what started off as a fun childrens movie became more a story about growing up and the sense of loss we all feel as we realize that childhood can't last forever.

5: Crazy Heart
Why: Over the years Jeff Bridges has proven that he can not only deliver when it comes to comedy with movies like The Big Lebowski but with drama as well. Crazy Heart puts the emphasis on that talent by giving us a dark and also hopeful look at a marvelous singer/songwriter struggling with his own personal addictions and demons.

4: Black Swan
Why: This is one of those movies that go almost no promotion and had enough buzz surrounding it that it was able to gather an audience. Those who did see it were taken through a shady tour of the world of ballet and the backhanded way in which all those involved deal with one another.

3: True Grit
Why: To see True Grit you need to put any feelings you had about the original film with John Wayne aside, this one stands on its own and once again proves that no matter the role Jeff Bridges will deliver to the audience an outstanding performance.

2: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1
Why: This series was already a popular book series before it hit the big screen and for those of you who read the books you can understand how much was invested into the getting the series right. Putting aside all the fantasy elements, what these books as well as the movies do is show you what it is like to grow up; to realize that nothing is constant in the world. People grow older, those you love will die, and no matter what you will have to learn how to deal with responsibility of life.

1: Inception
Why: Christopher Nolan has proven that he is the best director, hands down. You could go back to Memento and watch the progression of this man and his directing style. Every movie he has had a hand in is pure gold and Inception is no exception. A movie that not only takes you on a daunting and epic visual journey also presents a story that keeps you guessing, thinking and questioning long after the movie is over. 

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