Sep 01, 2011 02:55 PM EST

Discussion Continues for Lone Ranger Budget

Discussion Continues for Lone Ranger Budget
We had previously reported how there was a big-to-do about the budget for "The Lone Ranger", and that Disney was really putting the pressure on to bring down the numbers, or no film would be made. Now, Rich Ross, Walt Disney Studios Chairman, has to decide whether or not to go through with the project after Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski have proposed a $215 million budget. This number is definitely lower than the original $275 million budget proposed, but slightly higher than the $200 million budget that Disney was hoping for. However, the studio did say it may be willing to compromise at $220 million.

Johnny Depp, who would be starring in the film as Tanto, has said that if Verbinksi and Buckheimer are out, so is he. Depp has a long standing history with the duo, and will stick by them. This, of course, adds more pressure to the situation.

Ross now has a lot to think about. The longer he takes to decide, the more difficult it will be to get a good release date, and then there's, of course, the possibility that the deal cold fall through altogether. Verbinski has already said that he will not do the movie is the budget is so low that he can't tell the story as he wants.

Disney would like this deal to go through, and with Depp being the hottest actor in Hollywood right now, who can blame them? He is a huge box office earner. Ross was interviewed at the D23 Expo, and told Deadline that he is hoping to do it. I'm certainly hoping. I think it's a compelling story and no one wants to work with Jerry and Johnny more than me, so we'll see how it works."
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