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3Dumbensional Move By Studios That Will Hurt 3D Films

3Dumbensional Move By Studios That Will Hurt 3D Films
The biggest fad to hit theaters in recent years is 3D. What exactly the attraction of it is, it is different for everyone. Some people love the added effect it lends to big block buster films, others feel that it makes the movie experience more unique and for children it adds to the hilarity of kids films. But whatever the reason, it is quite clear that 3D is sticking around for a while. Unless you have been living under a rock then you already know that to view 3D you need special glasses. When you go to the theater and purchase a ticket for a 3D movie you are either given the glasses at the desk or as you are about to enter the theater itself.

Since 3D took off these glasses have been free, but now there is a dark cloud on the horizon. The latest rumor out of Hollywood is that next May studios, specifically Sony, will stop paying for 3D glasses, and this could possibly mean that audience members may have to pay a separate fee for their glasses. If this becomes a reality it is for certain that no one is going to be willing to pay more money for the 3D experience. You may ask why studios would do something like this, but the reason is fairly simple and obvious: money. It costs them money to produce the glasses for the films they release in 3D, but to have the theaters themselves provide for their own glasses the studio will save tons of money.

When asked about how they feel about the chance of paying extra for glasses, many people felt it was ridiculous and unfair of Hollywood. Many feel that Hollywood already makes so much money off the films they create that it is petty of them to fuss over the cost of cheap glasses. A few people said that while they don't generally go to 3D films, they would certainly not go to one that charged for glasses. There is also the possibility that theaters may increase the prices just to cover the extra costs of producing the glasses; when asked how they felt about that the consensus was that it is completely unfair to ask for more money. Of course the state of the economy was mentioned and having to "fork over" more money for a movie is absurd.

But before we get too riled up over this latest change out of Hollywood we have to remember that this doesn't go into effect until next May and if enough people create a stir over it then the studios involved may change their minds. Here is hoping they do, because while not everyone goes to 3D, no one is ever excited about paying more money for something. 

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