Oct 06, 2011 04:08 PM EST

Magicians Adaptations Heading to Fox

Magicians Adaptations Heading to Fox
It has been reported that Fix has bought the drama series "Magicians", which is an adaptation of the popular Lev Grossman fantasy novel by the same name.  

"Magicians" is based on a group of twenty somethings in New York who study magic as well as having access to a magical world.

The series will be written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz of "Thor and "X-Men First Class" fame. Producing the series will be Michael London, Shawn Levy and Michael Adelstein.

21 Laps/Adelstein has other projects going on - "Last Man Standing" with Tim Allen, a "Romancing the Stone" adaptation and "Gorilla Time", comedy. All have been sold to Fox.
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