Nov 15, 2011 04:26 PM EST

BioShock Delayed Again

BioShock Delayed Again
"BioShock", the much talked about and anticipated video game based film, if yet again, being delayed.  

Ken Levine, Irrational Games creative director, said "there's no burning [desire] to have a movie made just to get it made. For us and for Take-Two, it's really got to be something that will a) give the fans something that they want, and b) for those who don't know BioShock, really introduce them to something that is consistent with the game, and is it going to be a good representation of the game."

He also stated that "There are differences between games and movies, no doubt, but the movie has to draw from the same DNA in terms of the world and the story beats. But you know, we don't have a need to get it made."

Time will tell if and when this film will be eventually be released.
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