Jan 12, 2012 12:01 PM EST

Stallone and Schwarzenegger to Team Up for The Tomb

Stallone and Schwarzenegger to Team Up for The Tomb
"The Tomb", a film that was supposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger's first after his role as California Governor, may be seeing the light of day after a longtime stall.

Schwarzenegger had dropped out of the project, along with director Antoine Fuqua, and Sylvestor Stallone was supposedly going to take over the role. Reports are now surfacing however, that both Stallone and Schwarzenegger may now be in the film.

Stallone will be paying Ray Breslin, who is an elite structural security mastermind. The character finds himself a prisoner of his own design when he is thrown into prison after being framed.  Schwarzenegger will be playing a major role as well, though it is not yet known what that will be.

The film was written by Miles Chapman and Jason Keller.
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