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Albert Nobbs A fascinating Emotional Drama With Outstanding Performances

Albert Nobbs A fascinating Emotional Drama With Outstanding Performances
Headlining the film Glenn Close gives a magnificent performance as the title character in Albert Nobbs.  The very emotional and tragic drama provides a platform for her amazing talent.  Including a noted cast, fine direction by Rodrigo Garcia and remarkable cinematography that sets the bleak Irish period, the movie wins big.
The story centers on a forty-year-old woman passing as Albert Nobbs a waiter in a hotel in order to survive a depressing time in Ireland's history.  She's familiar with being a man; Nobbs has been portraying one since fourteen to keep her alive.  Getting on in age and depressed as to what she has missed as a woman, she hoards her money in a chance to start a new life openly as a shop owner.  Since she does not share of room with anyone, the hotel owner puts the plumber up with her for the night.  When the plumber accidentally finds out Albert is a woman, things take a turn in her life.
Glenn Close puts on a great show as the man who takes pride in being a master waiter in the upscale Morrison Hotel.  A much asked for and respected waiter Nobbs leads the staff in making the dining service impeccable.  Brilliantly adorned and with just the right makeup it's hard to tell the difference where the man ends and the woman begins.  Her mannerisms perfected, voice throated and charms muted Close emits the sadness and tragedy in her many years of hiding her womanhood.
Although Albert Nobbs certainly showcases Close's acting prowess, it's her support cast that allows her to give her Oscar nominated performance.  As Helen a young maid in the Morrison Hotel who becomes the object of Nobbs' sexual freedom, Mia Wasikowska attractively creates the innocent servant and object of his desire.  Flirting with Nobbs, a man of twice her age, Helen must do so to obtain the finer things that have passed her by. She's the pawn in Nobbs' fantasy to leave the hotel and start a better life.
Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actress in Albert Nobbs Janet McTeer gives the performance of her career as Hubert Page, the plumber who through happenstance ends up in Nobbs' room. Hubert adds fuel to Nobbs' plan to gain sexual freedom, an existence that will offer love and companionship.  It's McTeer's character that actually helps Nobbs realize the ability to reach out for her dream.
Director Rodrigo Garcia, more known for his cinematography, does a superb job of bringing the story to life on the big screen.  He molds his characters into interesting people alive and full of life while his keen eye elevates the development of the period, costumes, The Morrison Hotel, cobblestone lined mercantile village, and other visuals that transport the moviegoer to the time and setting. He wastes no time introducing his main character, the center of his artistic challenge, and focusing on her throughout.  Providing a platform for the great actress, he pulls back his camera and lets Close spin his tale.
The film has been rated R for some sexuality, brief nudity and language.

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