Oct 11, 2007 01:08 PM EST

Hitman Film To Be Cut To Appeal To Mass Audience?

Hitman Film To Be Cut To Appeal To Mass Audience?
Hitman a film about what else, a hitman, is rumored to have been sent back to the editing table to cut the "explicitly violent, very bloody" scenes from the movie. One would think that a film about a hitman wouldn't have such restrictions about bloody, violent content. Fox, however, seems to be turning adult action films into more "family friendly" films. Director Xavier Gens produced a film that was apparently too graphic for the Fox Studio.

"Live Free or Die Harder" suffered the same fate, being edited by Nicolas De Toth. His job for that project was to turn it into "an entirely bloodless version of the film." A film about a hitman should NOT be rated PG-13. It should be rated R to allow for the realism that is desired. Children under 17 can get in anyway as long as they have a parent, why ruin a great film idea by watering it down?

There has been no confirmation by Fox as of yet to the validity of this rumor.
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