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Cabin in the Woods, A Discussion With Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard

Cabin in the Woods, A Discussion With Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard
As part of SXSW, FlickDirect took part of a brief roundtable about Cabin in the Woods with the writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.  Drew Goddard directed the film as well.  Because some of the questions involved spoilers, we wanted to honor the request to avoid spoilers with the film before it arrived in theaters, so this roundtable is being published after opening weekend.

Joss Whedon was asked about what inspired the film and if it always started with the Cabin and the mission control.  "The story just sort of popped out.  It was years before we actually sat down and {wrote} it…It was always going to be the Cabin.  Not just because of Evil Dead but not because of Evil Dead."  Since this film was written by Joss and Drew together, they were asked if there was anything they disagreed on that is in the film.  Drew answered "There were a few things that we argued about…" before Joss cut him off jokingly "NO WE DIDN'T!"  Joss was extremely funny during the roundtable even answering in an amusing way "We like killing characters!" in response to a question about his reputations for killing off characters.

It was discussed if Joe Dante had any influence on the movie, to which Drew replied "This movie is very much our love of the entire {horror} genre.  Almost every horror movie we've ever seen is an influence on this movie in one way or another."  (After you've seen this film you'd probably agree!)  Drew followed up by stating "There is a {Joe Dante inspired} absurd integrity to {the film}."  But that's not to say that they didn't pay attention to details.  Drew discussed his attention to detail "We actually had meetings…zombie movement meetings {to go over the head cock and other details}.  When that's your job, and you see that on your schedule, you realize that you have a pretty good life."

One of the little known facts about the movie is that it was filmed almost three years ago.  After languishing with a bankrupt studio, it was picked up by Lionsgate (the studio behind The Hunger Games).  When asked about how it felt to finally get this movie released and the challenges of a new studio behind it, Drew replied "Everything is working out for the best.  We have a studio that is behind us 100%.  Our actors turned out to be huge superstars when they weren't when we cast them."  He is of course, referring to Chris Hemsworth, who will be seen twice this summer - in The Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman.  But did Lionsgate make them change anything and what goal do you have with this movie?  Joss answered that "No, to their credit, they didn't make us change anything…{Drew and I} liked the final cut so we didn't make any changes either…We just wanted to make a horror movie that people really really enjoy."  Hopefully audiences will.  It's not your ordinary horror movie.
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