Jun 21, 2012 03:24 PM EST

Liz & Dick Controversy Grabs Union's Attention

Liz & Dick Controversy Grabs Union's Attention

"Liz & Dick", the upcoming Lifetime film, has gotten quite a bit of publicity lately, mainly due to the fact that Lindsey Lohan will be portraying Liz Taylor. However, after Lohan, as well as 2 crew members, claimed they had fallen ill due to exhaustion, the union began to take notice for an entirely different reason.

Lohan claimed to work "85 hours in 4 days" according to a tweet she sent out; something disputed by various crew members. It is her tweet that prompted the union to come check things out, not any complaints that were filed since there weren't any. One crew member was quoted as saying, "Lilo did not work 85 hours in 4 days and we are not averaging 20 hours a day. We worked about 70-75 hours in 5 days last week, which isn't that abnormal for a TV movie. And we're on set before Lilo and usually wrap long after she's gone. We could've shaved off about 7 or 8 hours that we sat around waiting for Lilo." Producer for the film, Larry Thompson, said in a statement that  "an AFTRA rep visited us on the set late yesterday afternoon and was TOTALLY fine with everything".  

Even with all of the setbacks with Lilo's car accident and union visits, the film is still relatively on schedule.  Time will tell if it will be the catalyst for Lohan's comeback or not. It is said that her next project, The Canyons", will be dependent on her performance in "Liz & Dick".
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