Jun 25, 2012 12:50 PM EST

Chucky's Back in Child's Play Reboot

Chucky's Back in Child's Play Reboot
"Child's Play", the film fanchise with the infamous chcater, "Chucky", will be getting a reboot. "Curse of Chucky" will be bringing the series the writer, director, and creator Don Mancini.

The upcoming film, which will be the fifth in the series, will be going straight to DVD.  The plot will focus on a family that has reunited for a funeral, and Chucky attacking them during this time.  It is said that while the films in the past have had some humor injected into them, this one will be more of a dark film, with some rather serious slasher scenes involved.

Shooting for the film will begin in September in Winnipeg, Canada.
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