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Firefly Cast Reunities at Comic Con 2012

Firefly Cast Reunities at Comic Con 2012
To use the word "little" when describing Firefly seems overly understated, but that's exactly what it was 10 years ago. The Joss Whedon helmed scifi series only lasted 13 episodes before Fox pulled the plug on it due to lack of viewership, but what was once seen as a tragic end to a wonderful show, became something of a blessing in disguise. As the years passed the shows fan base grew exponentially, until fan fervor over it became legendary. Now the show has found new life on the Science Channel.
At this years San Diego Comic Con, Joss and fellow cast members Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Adam Balwin, and Allan Rudyck took time to sit with the fans and answer any questions they might have. Many of the fans questions centered around a possible re-boot of the show, to which Joss answered easily: "a re-boot of the show is always in the wind, something I'll always have in the back of my head, but it seems almost unnecessary in a way because the fans passion for it have kept it alive long after its cancellation."
Another interesting topic actually addressed a link that bounced around the internet recently, which stated that every great scifi show has strong and admirable female leads. Another fan was able to address this at the panel and asked why is it that scifi seems to offer the best role models to women. Again, Joss took the reigns: "I can't say for certain what it is about science fiction that portrays women this way, but for me I've always found the idea of a women that is strong, independent, and passionate much more interesting and stronger women make for stronger men. And that makes, in my book, for better shows." Naturally this garnered a healthy round of applause.
The panel wasn't all business though as fans were treated, at one point, to an excellent Shatner impression performed by Fillion himself. But what really made this panel was the clear and warm friendship that is shared between everyone involved. Firefly was a rare type of show, that did things many shows never tried before. It was because of the love this show was made with that it has found such a "life" long after its "death". When the Science Channel began airing reruns of the show, fans flocked to it like bees to honey. And now, in November they will air a special one hour retrospective featuring the cast as well Whedon himself, all discussing fond memories of the show.
It's something to behold watching so many fans flock to simply bask in the glow of such a revered show. It moves something deep inside you to feel the warmth that is felt within that circle of people. For a fan of Firefly, being there was a wonder to behold and you can be sure come November, I'll be planted on my couch, eyes glued to the TV as we look back on 10 years of Firefly. 
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