Sep 19, 2012 03:37 PM EST

Clint Eastwood Up for Directing Expendables 3

Clint Eastwood Up for Directing Expendables 3
Since "The Expendables 2" hit cinema screens earlier this summer, there has been talk of who would be in for a third installment of the franchise. So, with Sylvester Stallone wanting to expand the ever growing list of major action movie actors, many names have been mentioned, most notably Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage and Clint Eastwood.

Producer Avi Lerner has already stated that Nicolas Cage will be joining the next party and he is hopeful of getting the other three mentioned actors on board as soon as.

Sadly, it seems that Clint Eastwood by his own admissions may be one big name that will not be joining the like of Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger.

"He does?" questioned Eastwood, when told he was being considered for a role. "I haven't had the opportunity to see The Expendables yet. I haven't read any material." So when the question was put to him about taking up a role if the opportunity arouse, Eastwood replied, "Probably not, I'm probably more apt to direct something. Maybe I'll direct Expendables 3."
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