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A Discussion With Playing For Keeps Star Noah Lomax

A Discussion With Playing For Keeps Star Noah Lomax
Earlier this month, FlickDirect had a chance to sit down with Noah Lomax who stars in Playing For Keeps with Gerard Butler & Jessica Biel.

FlickDirect: Noah, I understand you are in the upcoming Playing For Keeps. For people who don't know the movie, what's it about?

Noah Lomax: It's about a guy that was a soccer player and once he got divorced from his wife wanted to get that relationship back. So he becomes his son's soccer coach.
FlickDirect: And you're playing his son.
Noah Lomax: Yes, and his name is Lewis. My dad is played by Gerard Buttler and my mom is Jessica Biel. There are also Catherine Zeta Jones, Judy Greer, and Uma Thurman.
FlickDirect: Awesome cast. What was it like working with that crew? Did you learn anything from those people? Did you pick up anything?
Noah Lomax: To not be nervous ... and it's okay to cry during crying scenes. But ... when you're playing football sometimes it's not okay to cry.
FlickDirect: I understand you actually play soccer in the movie. Is that you playing on film?
Noah Lomax: Yes. Our trainer played in the World Cup in 1994. It was cool.
FlickDirect: What was the hardest thing to do on the set?
Noah Lomax: The crying scene. It was hard to get to that spot. I had to think of sad things ... and it was really hard. I really don't like doing that. We did the scene several times--but I think the director didn't want to do it a lot because he didn't want to wear me out. We did it around five times.
FlickDirect: I understand you did some work on the Walking Dead.
Noah Lomax: My sister and I did. It was really fun. It was cool to do hiding scenes and stuff.
FlickDirect: That was your real sister?
Noah Lomax: Yes!
FlickDirect: Did you get attacked by zombies?
Noah Lomax: In the fourth episode they did attack us. It was really cool!
FlickDirect: What was that like on the set. On TV it's really intense. How is it on the set?
Noah Lomax: The makeup was really cool. You'd see them in the bushes hiding and I'd wave at them and they'd wave back--or see them playing cards and stuff like normal people ... in that makeup.
FlickDirect: Will kids your age want to see Playing For Keeps?
Noah Lomax: It's not really a kid's movie. I will see it tomorrow night at Atlanta. I think I'd want to see it ... but I don't know.
FlickDirect: Is there anything else you're working on right now.
Noah Lomax: I have a movie, Safe Haven, coming out in February that I just finished up coming out.
FlickDirect: Good luck with that.  If there was one character youd' really like to play when you are older--is there anyone you'd pick?
Noah Lomax: Batman or ... the Joker! Or really any other super-hero!
This interview has been edited and condensed.
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