Feb 08, 2013 09:46 AM EST

Justice League Film Could Be On Hold

Justice League Film Could Be On Hold
After Marvel's hugely successful 2012 movie, "The Avengers", there was a lot of chatter about
how the other camp would hit back. DC, with its backers Warner Bros., were thought to be
doing their own assembling with a Justice League movie but just recently things have
quieted down on the subject a little.

Now, "Badass Digest" are reporting that the studio is not looking to move the project forward
with Will Beall's original screenplay. Instead, they are reconsidering their options and
considering bringing in new writers for a complete rewrite.

Also, it's been mentioned that a lot could be riding on the success of Zack Snyder's retelling
of "Superman" this summer with "Man of Steel", staring Henry Cavill, coming to movie theaters
in June. If it is the hit we are lead to believe, no doubt a Justice League movie still could be
on the cards for 2015.

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