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Femme Fatale Catherine Annette Offers A Noir-esque Spin On Femme Fatales

Femme Fatale Catherine Annette Offers A Noir-esque Spin On Femme Fatales
I've previously written about the fantastic experience of filming FlickDirect's Chris Rebholz interviewing the cast of Femme Fatales at Comic-Con 2012. Offered the opportunity to follow up following the season 1 DVD release, also reviewed by FlickDirect, with recurring season 1 and 2 femme Catherine Annette, I naturally couldn't pass it up.

FlickDirectFemme Fatales is very much an anthology series, but there was the two-part finale at the end of season 1, "Visions", kind of tying several of the stories together through Lilith. How was working on that episode different from what was kind of "your own" episode in "Girls Gone Dead"?

Catherine Annette: It was a lot of fun for a lot of reasons, at this point I knew the crew, there was this trust, we were all working on the same level. I got to meet a lot of the girls I had seen and heard a lot about when they were doing their own episodes.

FD: I'm quoting our review, here, on "Girls Gone Dead": "If I had to choose the best of all the episodes, this would be the one. It totally had me fooled right up to its unpredictable ending." I didn't guess anything close to the "ice cube" ending myself. What did you think was going to happen when you were reading the script?

CA: I had a little bit of insight, as I got the character breakdown, and knew how she was going to be kind of this twisted murderer. I stayed up really late working on every different way I could read the role.

Even if I wasn't in that episode, it would be one of my favorites, it's very twisty and turning; there's a really "Twilight Zone" feel to the show generally, but our episode is more of a kind of "Tales of the Crypt"; more current, still spooky. You've seen it?

FD: Yes, actually, it was about halfway through "Girls Gone Dead", in the scene where Jay was describing how he got into the business filming "Crazy Chixx", that I kind of felt "this show has something really unique to offer."

CA: Yeah, it's such a smart show.

FD: So, [your character] Tiffany and Alexis are best friends who decided to kill Jay together, sort of erased their old identities as Jessica and Ashley to become femme fatales together. I know other femmes were involved, but I felt like Tiffany and Alexis were really the ones with the vision and leadership there; they're such strong characters. What kind of femme fatale do you think Tiffany would be without Alexis?

CA: I think that without Alexis, Tiffany would still have gotten the group together, but I don't think it would have reached the height & success that Alexis made it. Tiffany might have killed Jay and that would have been it. Alexis supported the vision of them becoming sort of vigilantes.

FD: Can you give us those of us following the show on DVD a little preview of your season 2 episode, "Extracurricular Activities"?

CA: "Extracurricular" is great, I think in the way it moves us forward in our killing spree, our quest to rid the world of evil men; it moves us forward from the way we were in college. It definitely shows more of how our kind of femme fatale grows. All the episodes are so different, and while "Girls Gone Dead" was more modern, "Extracurricular"'s very much like a throwback to old-school film noir.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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