Apr 05, 2013 05:04 PM EST

Cruise Talks About Fifth Mission Impossible

Cruise Talks About Fifth Mission Impossible
While in the UK promoting his latest movie "Oblivion", Tom Cruise has confirmed that there
will indeed be a fifth installment of the hugely popular "Mission Impossible" franchise.

Cruise told the interviewer, "I am working on the story" after being quizzed on the possible return of Ethan Hunt.

While talking about "Oblivion", Cruise revealed one of the stunts he and co-star Olga Kurylenko performed on a motorcycle did not go as planned.

"We are on a motorbike with a helicopter chasing us and I say to her, "no matter what happens, just hold on to me and I will get us out of trouble",' Cruise said, ‘and she keeps saying, "Don't go too fast, don't go too fast, of course we are going really fast, we hit a jump and we go up in the air, her hands come off and she is pushing me down and now I am terrified as we are going 70 miles an hour and I am shouting at her, "You are not helping, you are going to kill us"

"Oblivion" is released on April 10.

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