Jun 10, 2013 02:49 PM EST

Snyder Discusses Justice League

Snyder Discusses Justice League
Before the week is out, director Zack Snyder will hopefully be riding the crest of a wave when his Superman reboot, "Man of Steel", opens to audiences the world over. Depending on what sort of reception the movie gets, it could determine whether Warner Bros decides to push ahead with a second "Man of Steel" movie.

Not only will WB be looking to further that franchise, it will also be hoping a strong box office performance will surely pave the way for the much talked about Justice League movie.

Talking to Hero Complex, Zack Snyder touched on whether or not DC's super hero mash up was on the cards."Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes", Snyder said. "In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It's not madness that there would be others". Before he went on to say "now, that being said, does a Justice League movie exist now? No. Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don't know".

Although that last quote makes it seem like Snyder isn't taking anything for granted, there is no doubt the he and Christopher Nolan would be the leading contenders to take the director's chair if a movie was given the green light.

Snyder finished off by saying "What is real is that there's a crack, a foot in the door. That's promising. The door is definitely open".
Let's hope the door becomes ajar a little more in the forthcoming weeks.

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