Oct 30, 2007 01:32 PM EST

NBC's Heroes From A Newcomer's Point of View

NBC's Heroes From A Newcomer's Point of View
Well, last week, I decided to FINALLY tune in and watch Heroes.  Seeing as how it has been on for quite some time now, I was, of course, completely lost.  
I will probably catch a lot of flack by saying that I have no interest in really seeing this show ever again.  Not only were there way too many characters to keep track of on that one episode, but there are even MORE characters that weren't even on that I would have to now learn about also. I watched the entire episode and felt that there was also really no plot going on. I am sure, that like many shows, the plot is ongoing. However, I felt like the whole hour that I sat and watched the show nothing was going on other than introductions of people and their background. That would be fine if maybe they got into more of a story with them. Ok, so the guy in Ireland had a but of a story going on and at the end when that little boy says to the girl that he has powers also and that they must run in the family, that I guess, was a bit of something. The fact that I can't even remember ANYONE'S name from the episode says something also.
I felt like the characters that I saw were kind of lame and they didn't evoke any sort of interest in them or in the show at all.  I know people that enjoy this show a lot, but they have definitely been watching from the beginning.  Like I said, many shows have this ongoing, soap opera-esque type of storyline, but what ever happened to just tuning in and enjoying a new show (well new to me anyway) and getting hooked?  It's a shame that this is only really able to be done with situation comedies.  The thought of having to "catch up" on earlier Heroes episodes just sounds exhausting to me.

FlickDirect Editor, Maureen Buccellato
Maureen Buccellato, Editor
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