Jan 07, 2015 11:39 AM EST

The Interview Makes $31 Million in Revenue

The Interview Makes $31 Million in Revenue
"The Interview", which was pulled from theaters after terrorist threats, has made $31 million in online and On-Demand sales during it's first 10 days of release. The film cost about $75 million to make.

The film had made $15 million during its first four days of release, but has slowly declined since. There is no word on how the split of revenue is determined by releasing films digitally. Originally, the film was to be released on Christmas Day to 3,000 theaters.  Now, it is being distributed through venues such as iTunes, Xbox and YouTube, along with cable and satellite providers.

"The Interview" stars Seth Rogen and James Franco, who work in the entertainment news industry. They are asked to take part in a government plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un.
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