Apr 20, 2015 03:38 PM EST

CinemaCon Opens with Discussing on Technology Concerns

CinemaCon Opens with Discussing on Technology Concerns
CinemaCon, which began in San Fernando today, is a place where members of the National Association of Theatre Owners  meet to discuss the newest trends or any issues that have arisen with the field. Today, the conversation began on technology and how it has affected, and will affect, the film industry.

The issue they have on their hand is how to compete with the ever-growing technology of mobile and streaming devices. There has been a decline in attendance of moviegoers aged 18-39 and Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis commented on that fact. "It doesn't take much of a leap to think that the technology advances we're seeing outside of the theatrical space are some how connected to these trends." He also said that despite the popularity of such technology, that a ""mobile device can't replicate the incredible feeling of seeing ‘Star Wars' or ‘Avatar' or ‘The Hunger Games' on a giant screen."

The solution? To improve the overall theater going experience.  Hollis, along with Yelmo Cines CEO Fernando Evole, said that offering better sound quality, better 3D and IMAX offerings, more comfortable seating, and various other amenities, is the way to go. He stated that "there is nothing like going to the movies, there has never been anything like going to the movies. It's on all of us to keep that a truism."
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