May 04, 2015 10:42 AM EST

Vanity Fair Teases with New Star Wars Info

Vanity Fair Teases with New Star Wars Info
Vanity Fair revealed their new cover last night, featuring Harrison Ford, Chewbacca, and newcomers Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and BB-8 in the Millennium Falcon, and they have also released some great information regarding the highly anticipated film. 

The story included a video where we get to see Adam Driver (of Girls fame) as his character Kylo Ren, a villain. We also see a glimpse of Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o in a motion capture suit as her pirate character, Maz Kanata, who will be computer generated.

Some may feel worried at the mere mention of CGI, given the last three films' infamous over abundance of the technology; however, J.J. Abrams has sought out to use as many physical effects as possible. Commenting about a Jawa type of character, he said, "It's so old-school and crazy. We could improve this thing, but at some point do we lose the wonderful preposterousness?"

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on December 18, 2015.
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