Jul 02, 2015 12:41 PM EST

Hannibal Cast Released from Contracts

Hannibal Cast Released from Contracts
The cast of Hannibal, the NBC series that was just canceled, have been released from their contracts as of last night, according to reports.  

Gaumont International Television decided not to extend the contracts after the show's cancelation, which makes many wonder what will happen if the series is to be picked up by a streaming service, as hoped.  If such a deal was to be made, the actors. along with everyone else involved, would have to make new contracts.  The cast has already expressed interest in reprising their roles if that was to happen.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller is already attached to Starz's "American Gods", which could interfere with Hannibal if it is picked up. Fuller said,  "I absolutely want to service that in the way that it needs to be serviced."
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