Jul 09, 2015 05:03 PM EST

Ron Perlman Discusses Hellboy 3 Tweet

Ron Perlman Discusses Hellboy 3 Tweet
Last month, Ron Perlman sent out a tweet that gave fans some false hope about the possibility of a Hellboy III film.  While at the Amazon series Hand Of God panel at Comic Con this morning, he took some time to acknowledge the excitement he caused.  

Perlman said,  "If there's a real honesty to fan culture relationships, we owe the world the finale of Hellboy. We set up the whole film. It's a deal we made (with fans). I don't want to do Hellboy IV or V. I want to finish the f*cking trilogy!"

Perlman also acknowledge that he had to call the studio executive to apologize.  He said that there's nothing set in stone as far as a third installment, but that there had been some discussion about it with del Toro.  He feels that it would bring some closure to the character's storyline. 
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