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Sherlock Delights Fans at Nerd HQ During San Diego Comic Con 2015

Sherlock Delights Fans at Nerd HQ During San Diego Comic Con 2015
They might make us wait for years between seasons but Sherlock never disappoints. Such it was that the show's Nerd HQ panel on Friday morning was a beautiful piece of fan service. Executive producers Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue along with actor Rupert Graves answered all manner of questions for an hour and in the process soothed Sherlockians' souls for another short while.
After treating attendees to the same clip of the Victorian Christmas special that premiered Thursday in Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic Con, the Sherlock panel got underway. Of course everyone wanted to know details about the "coming soon ish" season four but just as he had been at Comic Con, Moffat was honest about their current state. They haven't written any episodes yet but know what they want to do and are in the process.
This later led to a very funny exchange between the married Moffat and Vertue when the latter joked the reason there is such a gap between seasons of the show is because they're waiting on scripts. Moffat looked politely bashful but quickly recovered. "When you're not looking, darling, I make Doctor Who," he countered.
The panel as a whole was in fact full of funny moments, especially from a very animated Moffat. For example, after confirming that Mycroft is indeed smarter than Sherlock, he said Benedict Cumberbatch is actually miffed by this fact and even more so my Moffat assertion that Gatiss is smarter than Cumberbatch too. "But Mark is smarter than everyone, so it's ok!" Moffat explained. He also joked that Cumberbatch is aghast at Gatiss being taller than him too.
Fan theories will certainly have plenty to run with thanks to some very cheeky answers from the EPs and Graves including about the Lestrade/Sherlock relationship. We were also reminded how little we know about the characters aside from John and Sherlock. Whether this or any other answered questions will be addressed in season 4, as we all hope they will, remains a mystery only Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss can solve.
The Sherlock Christmas special will reportedly air this year on televisions and in select movie theaters. 

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