Entertainment Earth and Jason Lenzi Bring Flash Gordon to Life

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Jul 22, 2015 03:35 PM EST

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Entertainment Earth and Jason Lenzi Bring Flash Gordon to Life
If you love collectibles, or are looking for some unique gift ideas for the collector in your life, you need to head over to Entertainmentearth.com. With a large selection and variety, they have almost everything you could possibly be looking for in the world of action figures, toys, bobble heads, and collectibles.

Once again, this year, they had a huge presence at Comic Con International and showed us some of their latest products and best sellers. Among the favorites were the Twilight Zone collection and Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figures.

Of course, the real draw was Bif Bang Pow's! limited edition, numbered Flash Gordon action figures. The set includes Flash Gordon and Ming with weapons and a unique Diorama.  As an added bonus, Flash Gordon himself - Sam Jones - made an appearance at the Entertainment Earth booth on the last day of Comic Con, taking pictures and autographing the set for anyone who bought the set.

While visiting the booth, FlickDirect was lucky enough to sit down with Jason Lenzi, Founder and creator of Bif Bang Pow! memorabilia and the brainchild behind the Flash Gordon Action Figure.  Having created the company back in 2005, Mr. Lenzi  decided to manufacture "the kind of thing I wanted when I came out of the [Flash Gordon] movie when I was 10".  From that idea his company has grown to include "animation, cult, classic.  We've got everything".

Mr. Lenzi went on to explain that inspiration can come from anywhere, but stated, "if it's got a following, if I dig it, if it's available", it is something he will pursue to try and bring to a mass audience.  However, it isn't always easy to get a new product made and from inception to completion; a piece of memorabilia can take up to a year or more.  When asked about his wish list some great musicians were at the top including," The Beatles, Queen, The Who… rock stuff that I love".  His passion and excitement for the items he created was evident as we listened to him describe the products Bif Bang Pow! manufactures.

There were so many terrific collectibles at various price points, it was hard to have enough time to look through all of them and pick a favorite.  The Kiss collection, along with the stage was great as well as the Big Lebowski "The Dude" 12 inch action figure complete with change of clothes and talking keychain with some of the best quotes from the movie.  I personally got a kick out the chair "capes" with designs including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

If you have the opportunity to stop by their booth next year at Comic Con, I definitely recommend it; but, in the meantime, browse through their website.  You won't be disappointed.

Entertainment Earth Comic Con

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