Aug 05, 2016 02:01 PM EST

Miles Teller Talks Divergent: Ascendant

Miles Teller Talks Divergent: Ascendant
Miles Teller recently spoke about the franchise Divergent, and the surprise of the latest installment "Ascendant", being aired as a TV movie.

"It caught us all by surprise", said the actor, who portrays Peter, though seemed uncertain of his return in the franchise finale. "At this point, it's a different set of circumstances. We'll see. I honestly haven't talked to anybody."

Originally, the film was to be a theatrical release, slated for June 9, 2017. However, after disappointing box office earning, the plan changed, and Lionsgate came up with the idea to release it on television.

Teller said, "Things do change anytime they're messing with something that was not the original intention. We all signed on for it in hopes that it'd be released in theaters, and we all had every intention of finishing [the franchise]."  He went on to say, "I'm not kidding when I say that you won't find a single actor who worked in that franchise who would have anything bad to say about that experience. It's all good. I've got nothing but love for everybody I've worked with on that franchise."
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