Aug 05, 2016 03:32 PM EST

Kevin Smith Gives High Praise to Suicide Squad

Kevin Smith Gives High Praise to Suicide Squad
Filmmaker Kevin Smith took to social media yesterday to give praise to Suicide Squad, despite its harsh critical reviews.

"I look up to @suicidesquadmovie maker #DavidAyer. His #endofwatch, shot with a mixture of media including dashboard & body cams, was the work of a true filmmaker." He went on to say, "I think he made magic and did #dccomics proud. The #Squad movie doesn't look like any other comic book flick I've ever seen."

Smith is notoriously known for his love of comics, and even named his daughter Harley Quinn Smith.  He has also written comic issues for both DC and Marvel.

Suicide Squad opens today in the US.
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