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Kenny Wormald Hip Hops His Way through Romeo and Juliet in Honey 3: Dare To Dance

Kenny Wormald Hip Hops His Way through Romeo and Juliet in Honey 3: Dare To Dance

Kenny Wormald started dancing at the age of 6 after watching a New Kids on the Block video.  Twenty-six years later, he makes his living as a professional actor and dancer, starring in 2011's remake of Footloose and this year's direct to video Honey 3: Dare to Dance.

For the latest version in the Honey series, Director Bille Woodruff (The Perfect Match) takes the story to Cape Town, South Africa as Melea (Cassie Ventura; Step Up 2: The Streets) struggles to remain in college and honor her mother's memory. While Kenny didn't know what to expect, he said Cape Town was "beautiful" and "the people were so peaceful, and welcoming and I didn't want to leave".

He also praised the local talent as most of the dancers and all four choreographers came from South Africa." The Dancers blew me away.  I didn't know what to expect of their dance style and training but they were amazing". He also said they had boundless energy and even after a long day of shooting, they would all go out to the clubs and keep on dancing.

Regarding Woodruff's expertise in filming a dance movie (he directed both of the prior Honey movies and over 100 music videos), Wormald called him the "cool quarterback who has been through this before" and just brought his knowledge of filming dance scenes to the movie. 

Wormald was not only impressed by Woodruff, but by his co-star Cassie Ventura as well.  He called her "very down to earth and chill" and by the end of the shoot, they had "a kind of brother/sister relationship" He did admit he was a little worried at first because of "how famous she was" (interestingly, Wormald doesn't see himself as nearly as famous) but that they ultimately became good friends.

As for his future, Wormald stated, "I learned a lot from watching Bille", and he hopes to one day direct as well.  He recently took steps in that direction last month, when along with his friend Misha Gabriel, he directed a music video made up 100 young dancers that can be seen at

Honey 3: Dare to Dance is a lesson in Hip Hop/African fusion dancing while displaying fabulous Cape Town scenery and unique costume designs.  If you love Wormald in Footloose, you will like him in this, as he brings much of the same charm and dance moves to this project as well. 

Honey 3: Dare to Dance is in stores today, September 6, 2016, on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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