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Jaren Hayman Discusses Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower

Jaren Hayman Discusses Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower
Jaren Hayman's background is in Music and Sports.  He has been around a number of people who require bodyguards and it was one such occasion that prompted him to explore these individuals' lives more in depth. Hayman retells the story as, "There was an incident.  Someone pulled out a gun and it didn't even phase these guys".  After that event he and his friend, Burton Rice discussed the idea of capturing these individuals on film and thus the documentary Bodyguards: Secrets from the Watchtower was born.
The Hour and a half film is broken down into three chapters and covers the elite. "We got the guys at the top of their game.  The best of the best", Hayman stated.  Not only did they speak to Anton Kalaydjian, who owns the largest personal security firm in the United States, but he spoke with Nelson Mandela's guards, and Boston mob guy Kevin Weeks who was extremely close to Whitey Bulger. The breakdown of stories was intentional Hayman explains, "You start with the intro then move to the meat of their stories and finally wrap it all up.  It's not a traditional format of a documentary and keeps the movie moving."
Hayman did claim that he wasn't on a mission when he set out to tell these stories he just wanted to let people know how hard these guys (and women) work.  "It's a 24/7 job and they tend to be very dedicated.  It not fun and people try to challenge them all the time".  He also mentioned how it is a lonely job which is reiterated in the film by Anton who feels he sacrificed a lot protecting others, including getting shot.
Hayman's passion for the subject comes across when speaking with him and his admiration for these people is evident.  "They are very intelligent and I wanted to highlight the brains instead of the brawn", he explained.  They are all very calm and have strategies.  Their goal is to avoid potentially harmful situations not react when one occurs".
The film gives great insight into the lives of people who risk theirs for others and it does flow nicely.  It gives an overview of the different types of personal security and what potential pitfalls they may face.  While all the stories we compelling I found Kevin Weeks to be the most interesting with Mandela's staff not only discussing the logistics of their job but also the ramifications of leading by example in an effort to end apartheid.
As for Haymen, while he doesn't want to live in their world he is planning to continue film these and gather more footage to hopefully plan a second in the near future.  He also is hoping to combine two of his favorite topics, film-making and sports, to work on a sports documentary.
Regardless of what you think you know about bodyguards and personal security, Bodyguards: Secrets from the Watchtower will change your perception and see these individuals in a whole new light.  As Hayman stated, it's not all about big muscles it about remaining calm in stressful situations.  It's definitely worth watching.

Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower is available to see today in theaters as well as Digital HD.

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