Jan 12, 2017 10:37 AM EST

Apple To Launch Original Television Show By The End of 2017

Apple To Launch Original Television Show By The End of 2017
Apple has announced that they will be launching their own TV original that will be comparable to Westworld and Stranger Things, by the end of 2017. While Apple has always been a means to obtain television shows and movies released by other networks and studios, this will be Apple's first venture into creating its own original television show.  As we know, Apple never does anything half-way, so the anticipation for this original content is on the rise.

The new original content will be available through Apple Music.  Comparison to Westworld and Stranger Things were made by Apple to show that the new original Apple show will not have a relationship to music, despite being launched on Apple Music. Keep your eyes- and ears peeled- for Apple's new venture.  Hopefully, the new content will not be limited to one show.  Here's hoping that TV originals are Apple's next big venture.
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