Mar 16, 2017 11:20 AM EST

Netflix Bringing HDR Content to Mobile Streaming

Netflix Bringing HDR Content to Mobile Streaming
Netflix has announced that they will be stepping up their mobile content game. The streaming service will offer HDR quality content for viewing on supported devices. The company feels that the format will soon be universally adopted, and with their increasing mobile subscriber base, the move just makes sense. The announcement came while discussing the upcoming series "Iron Fist", which is being shot in HDR.  

Netflix exec Neil Hunt said, "It's been about a year since Netflix became available globally - with the exception of a few markets, including China, and since then it has seen mobile usage soar. In established markets like the US and Canada, most Netflix watching still happens on TVs", He went on to say that in some Asian countries, especially in India, that "mobile screens are the majority consumption device." 

Netflix also stated that they were considering streaming mobile-specific content.

"It's not inconceivable that you could take a master [copy] and make a different cut for mobile," Hunt said. To date, Netflix hasn't been delivering different cuts for different viewing platforms, Hunt said, but "it's something we will explore over the next few years."
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