Mar 30, 2017 03:33 PM EST

Warner Bros. Looking to Bring in Jordan Peele for Akira Film

Warner Bros. Looking to Bring in Jordan Peele for Akira Film
"Akira", the popular 1988 anime, has been brought up numerous times to be considered for a big screen adaptation.  It has passed through the hands of many directors, and even when it was close to fruition, the studio dropped the project. Now, rumors are swirling that due to the success of "Get Out", Warner Bros. is looking to hire Jordan Peele to direct.

"Get Out", a departure from Peele's usual genre ofcomedy, was very successful, and people are taking notice of Peele's versatility. They know he can produce a quality project, and he may just be the one who can finally bring the film to life. It also helps that "Ghost in the Shell", also originally an anime, looks to be a promising release.

"Akira" follows the story of the leader of a biker gang named Kaneda who teams up with other to fight Tetsuo,  who is threatening New-Tokyo with his psychic powers.
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