May 10, 2017 02:03 PM EST

Dwayne Johnson Discusses Presidential Aspirations

Dwayne Johnson Discusses Presidential Aspirations
Dwayne Johnson for President? Well, maybe one day, according to the actor.

Johnson recently told a reporter for GQ, "I think that it's a real possibility" when asked if he thinks he would ever run for the office of President. He went on to say, "Personally, I feel that if I were president, poise would be important. Leadership would be important. Taking responsibility for everybody. [If I didn't agree with someone] on something, I wouldn't shut them out. I would actually include them. The first thing we'd do is we'd come and sit down and we'd talk about it. It's hard to categorize right now how I think he's doing, other than to tell you how I would operate, what I would like to see."

Last year, Johnson said that he was approached by both the Clinton and Trump camps, looking for an endorsement, to which he declined. "I feel like I'm in a position now where my word carries a lot of weight and influence, which of course is why they want the endorsement. But I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the process and felt like if I did share my political views publicly, a few things would happen - and these are all conversations I have with myself, in the gym at four o'clock in the morning - I felt like it would either (a) make people unhappy with the thought of whatever my political view was. And, also, it might sway an opinion, which I didn't want to do."

Some could argue that we could do worse with having Johnson in office, and he wouldn't be the first actor to reach the highest post in the land, so who knows? Only time will tell.
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