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Amazon Original's The Tick Takes Over San Diego Comic Con

Amazon Original's The Tick Takes Over San Diego Comic Con
It's that time of year again when nerds, geeks, superheroes, and celebrities all descend in a two-mile radius of downtown San Diego to partake in the experience known as Comic Con International.  For four days people will anxiously wait in line to sit in huge halls to get a glimpse of the stars of their favorite shows and hear what's coming up this season or to get a first look at new shows and movies debuting this year.  They will wander the exhibit hall floor and check out the latest in the realm of superheroes, supernatural beings, and comic book worlds.

They will also line the streets waiting to experience the numerous "fan experiences" put together by networks in hopes to entice new viewers or give their diehard fans a chance to enjoy interactive games from their favorite shows.  One such opportunity this year is Amazon Original's "The Tick Takeover" located right outside the San Diego Convention center.

Fans will have the opportunity to register, answer trivia questions, design a t-shirt and maneuver a huge Tick to offer different emotions.  They will then be led into two different rooms where they must find clues to help the tick solve a crime.  The limited time makes it a race to find as many clues as possible.

At the end, the participants will get a shirt they designed (one from several options), an opportunity to make a short video either flying or being thrown from an explosion and some great swag to remember their experience by.  It's fun, quick and gives fans a souvenir bag to take home with them including a Tick hat, a Tick headband, and a phone case - all-complete with the signature Tick antlers. 

If you plan to be in downtown San Diego this week, I recommend checking out the Tick Takeover experience.

SDCC Tick Takeover

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