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Midnight, Texas: What is the Rev Hiding?

Midnight, Texas: What is the Rev Hiding?
Helloooooooo Midnighters!!!!!!! So what did you think of episode one?  Did you fall in love with Manfred yet? Do you think Bobo Killed Aubrey in a fit of rage? Are you curious about Olivia and Lem?  What's the deal with the Rev? Isn't Fiji the sweetest…and did I mention that the cat talks (I'm pretty sure I did)?!?  Are you hooked yet?  No?  Well just wait for the next few episodes.

‚Ä®Speaking of, let's talk about episode two.  Manfred tries to help his new friend, Bobo, clear his name as we know he was arrested for the murder of his fiancé, Aubrey.  Manfred does this by returning to his demon infested home and letting Aubrey use his body as a vessel to communicate.  Through her eyes, we see what happens to her.  Manfred then takes that information to the police, which helps to get Bobo released.

However, that isn't the only focus of episode two.  We see what the Rev really is when he "turns" thanks to the full moon.  While not a werewolf, he is equally as dangerous and when Officer Gomez unwittingly lets him loose she ends up dead.  Some of the episode then centers on the people of Midnight who are close to the Rev (Fiji. Olivia, Lem, etc.) trying to help him without having to kill him while he is in his altered state.

We also get a little new information about Joe, which is intriguing enough to make the audience realize there will be a continuation of his story in a later episode.   Plus we get more of Olivia who is a hard woman with at least one secret.  We see Fiji at her witchy best.  Creek and Manfred also get closer so we know there will be more to their story as time goes on.

Episode two serves to move things along in terms of character development while dropping hints as to what may be ahead for the town and the people in it.  I personally can't wait to see what comes next… how about you?  

Let me know what you think about the series after you see episode two and if you've read the books I'm even more interested to hear how you feel the show adapts the books because, even though I plan to read them, I haven't had the pleasure yet of losing myself in Charlaine Harris" latest works ( no spoilers PLEASE!!!)

Well Midnighters here's to Episode two and getting to know these new neighbors better.

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