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Midnight, Texas: Hightower's Revenge

Midnight, Texas: Hightower's Revenge
Helllloooooooo Midnighters!!!!!  How is everyone?  Excited for another new episode?  What did we all think of the succubus?  She was pretty beautiful but boy the teeth were killer!  And speaking of killer, Manfred seems pretty desperate as Hightower gets closer.  It seems he will do almost anything to get together the money to pay Hightower back.  Meanwhile did all the Fiji/Bobo shippers like the ending last week?  It seems a little fast since, you know, Bobo's fiancé just died and all but they really are cute.  So let's move on to this week and I'll try not to give too much away.

We finally learn what Hightower really wants from Manfred - and it isn't money, well not only money at least.  It seems Manfred, and Xylda for that matter, wasn't so nice to Hightower and his family and he is seeking revenge… an eye for an eye so they say ( there is a pun there you will understand once you've seen the episode).  But Manfred isn't the only one hiding a dark past.

Bobo and Aubry's husband come to blows in this episode and we learn Bobo's secret and what he is hiding - both figuratively and literally.  Unfortunately, Aubrey's husband involves Fiji -which is completely uncool - and Bobo, with the assistance of Lem, goes into a volatile situation in order to help her.  Of course, Fiji and Lem both learn the truth which makes things a little awkward.  Needless to say, Bobo and Fiji may have some rough patches coming up but hopefully, their relationship won't be over before it even really gets started.

Are you intrigued yet?  Are you ready for some more revelations and insights into the people on whom you have now invested your Monday nights?  Well, this week is a winner for sure.  However, it does make me wonder just what Fiji and Creek might be hiding because it seems everybody in midnight has some secrets.

Only time will tell but I am excited to hear what you think of episode five and I can't wait to watch episode six.  It seems the show is just getting better and better and every week I become more and more invested in these characters.  I hope you all feel the same way because we are only halfway through season one!

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