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Midnight, Texas: Love Concurs All?

Midnight, Texas: Love Concurs All?
Helloooooooo Midnighters!!!!!!!  Didn't you just love everyone's reactions to Joe's secret as he flew away? Classic. When he saved Creek with the power that emanated from his body it was pretty cool.  And what do we think of poor Creek?  We were sure her father was the evil one but it turned out to be her little brother Connor and Dad was just covering for him.  I feel so bad for her and her dad.  They have lost everything and Creek has now pushed him away leaving her pretty much alone.

Let's talk about Fiji too.  That creepy demon that is haunting her and actually grabbing her leg.  Making her think she is going crazy.  Luckily she, along with the others finally learn the truth and now she knows she isn't crazy but that there is really a demon coming after her.  Although I'm not sure which scenario is worse!  And all I can say about episode 7 in regards to Fiji and her demon is things definitely intensify this week.

And that brings us to episode 7.  We know Joe is an angel.  We know he is protecting Chuy but why? We know someone is coming for them both and by helping Creek last week he led that person right to him.  Now it is a matter of finding out who or what that is.  Well, Episode 7 answers that question in the form of something powerful, mean and out for vengeance.  We also learn something else about Joe's and Chuy's relationship that they have been hiding and why Joe made Chuy leave.  There always seems to be surprises popping up each week but I guess that makes the show even more interesting.

We also meet a new creature and -forewarning- this thing does some nasty stuff that just makes your skin crawl (you will understand what I mean once you see the episode).  This monster's method of evil is gruesome and the production team made it rather gory and gross.  However, this monster gives us some insight into Fiji's demon and what he really wants from her.  Again, in Fiji's case, sometimes ignorance is bliss (well and in Creek's case too).

In terms of our couples on the show, there is some trouble in paradise.  Manfred and Creek are going through a rough patch it seems and Boji shippers will be sad to learn they aren't back together again yet though they have a short heart to heart and what Bobo says will melt your heart ( at least it did mine).  He has to be the sweetest man in Midnight - maybe because he is trying to make up for his past misdeeds while he was still with his family. Anyway, I'm sure he will wear Fiji down overtime and Boji will once again be cute together.

As far as story lines go there is still so much to learn and discover that Midnight, Texas is rather interesting to watch.  However, I will say that since this is a television show with a limited budget, one of the downfalls is that some of the special effects look cheesy like when the ground opened up and swallowed the sacrifice laid there for the demon below.  Oh well, I guess it all can't be perfect.

It sure is a lot of fun though and episode 7 is chock full of the entertainment we have come to expect the last several weeks.  Let me know what you think of this week's episode.

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